Is a Self-Driving Car the Safest Thing on the Road

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distracted driving anthony carboneSelf-driving cars sound like the wave of the future. These little autonomous vehicles have been driving around the country since 2009. According to a report by Google, the cars are the safest things on the road today.

How is that possible? According to the Google study, in the last six years the cars have driven approximately 1.8 million miles and have only been in 12 minor auto accidents.  Google says the self-driving cars were never the cause for the accident — in fact, all 12 accidents were because of human error.

The director of the self-driving car program Chris Urmson had found that many of the auto accidents happen at intersections where the human driver makes a dangerous decision while turning. In addition, the number one cause for these accidents all came down to distracted driving. And no, not just cell phone use — “We’ve spotted people reading books, and even one playing a trumpet,” said Urmson.

Distracted driving is a serious epidemic in this country. With so many distractions on and off the roadway, it’s hard to keep your eyes and attention on the road. But always keep in mind that thousands of people are killed each year because people just don’t pay attention. Although laws have been created to punish those who cause an accident, it still doesn’t stop us from ignoring the road.

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