Is it Possible to Get Alimony Even if You Have a Prenup?

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prenuptial agreement alimony anthony carboneBefore getting married, you and your soon-to-be spouse would sign a prenuptial agreement. In the agreement, there was no specific mention of alimony if you were going to get divorced since you both have stable, good-paying jobs. Besides, you’re not going to get a divorce, right?

Famous last words. Not only are you getting a divorce, but you have lost your job while you were married. Tough times. With the prenup not mentioning anything about alimony, is it possible that you won’t be able to get anything?

Before answering this question, let’s take a look at prenuptial agreements. In the eyes of the law, a prenup is a contract between two people agreeing on certain topics, such as the division of property and child support in the event of a divorce. It’s basically an agreement that says whatever you came into the marriage with is exactly what you’re going to get if the union is ever dissolved.

If your prenup doesn’t mention any alimony, this doesn’t mean that you’re not entitled to any. It just means that you are entitled to normal alimony laws in New Jersey, especially since you lost your job during the marriage and is currently unemployed. But let’s change the situation. What if your prenup does specify alimony? Since the situation has changed since the creation of the prenup, you may be able to contest the content. But you’re going to need a good family law attorney by your side to help you with the process.

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