Is It Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Jersey City, NJ?

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A Jersey City Personal Injury Attorney can help you pursue damages for your losses. They can also handle all legal matters as you focus on your recovery. Although this might be beneficial for most accident victims, not every case requires the help of an attorney.

No two accidents are the same. While some cause severe, life-altering injuries, others result in minor scrapes that go away in a few days. This means that the need for legal representation can be relative. You must learn how to determine whether your situation requires an attorney.

Is it worth hiring a personal injury attorney? This article answers this crucial question.

When Not to Hire an Attorney

A personal injury attorney is trained to protect your right to receive compensation. They work to ensure your personal injury claim or a lawsuit is successful so you can get back to your life. That said, however, you might not always need an attorney. Some situations where this is true include an accident where:

  • You suffered minor or no injuries.
  • You live in a no-fault state.
  • You are comfortable negotiating your case.

Insurance companies provide liability covers up to a set limit. If you are already receiving the maximum compensation amount possible, you might not need an attorney. This is because you are unlikely to receive more money unless you get a court to go after the at-fault party’s assets.

When to Hire an Attorney

It doesn’t make sense to hire an attorney for an accident that caused no damages. Doing so will only waste your resources on legal fees with no gain. However, legal representation could be crucial to your case in the following situations:

  •       You Have Suffered a Severe Injury

Accident injuries range in severity. Minor cuts and bruises usually resolve in a few days and with little intervention. However, a severe injury such as a spinal cord injury will often require extensive treatment. If the injury is permanent, you might also need aftercare and rehabilitation.

All these expenses can take a toll on your finances. An attorney will evaluate the value of your damages and ensure you are well-compensated.

  •       Multiple Parties Were Involved

If more than one driver, for instance, is involved in your car accident, you will need the help of an attorney to navigate liability. Your attorney will also help you determine the at-fault party, so you pursue damages against the right person.

  •       There Is a Fault Dispute

A good number of people deny ever causing an accident. They do this to avoid paying any damages for your injuries. If you work with an attorney, you can better prove fault.

Consult a Jersey City Personal Injury Attorney

Is it worth hiring a personal injury attorney? Personal injury law is extensive and complex. It could take days of research just to understand the basics enough to represent yourself. Even then, you won’t have the experience a trained professional has. An attorney could be your best chance at compensation.

At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of injury victims. Attorney Carbone has been handling personal injury cases for over 3 decades. If you have been injured in New Jersey, contact us at 201-829-3805 to speak to a Jersey City Personal Injury Attorney.

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