Is the Medical Marijuana Industry Due for More Growth in NJ?

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Medical Marijuana Carbone Blog 5-17As many debate whether recreational cannabis will really be approved in NJ, there is another issue. Up until now, the number of patients who legally use medical marijuana only amounts to about 20,000 people across the state. Considering there are over 9 million NJ residents, that number represents only a small percentage of the population.

There are many considerations when it comes to obtaining medical marijuana. In the past, one of the issues involved the limited medical conditions where the state approved access. For many, even with some discounting programs, medical marijuana is cost-prohibitive.

It was less than two months ago when we reported on the fact that New Jersey law added some additional qualifying medical conditions. This means even more patients may have access to cannabis – and hopefully, find further relief.

Subsequent to the passing of the law, more people have expressed an interest in seeing if medical marijuana will work for them. However, there are waiting lists for doctors authorized to prescribe legal cannabis for medicinal purposes. Likewise, there are only five operating dispensaries in the state. They represent geographic challenges for a number of people who might benefit from the natural herb.

New Bill Represents More Changes to MMJ Industry

Earlier this week, Senators Joseph Vitale, Nicholas Scutari, and Declan O’Scanlon introduced a new bill representing more reform to New Jersey’s medical marijuana laws. The title of the proposed bill says that it is intended to “revise(s) requirements to authorize and access medical marijuana; establish(es) requirements for institutional caregivers; revise(s) permit requirements for alternative treatment centers; and establish(es) additional legal protections for patients and caregivers.”

For those looking for business opportunities in the medical cannabis industry, this bill is significant. Although a sixth medical marijuana dispensary is scheduled to open in Secaucus, this still may not be enough to service patients who could benefit from legally smoking weed for medicinal purposes.

A recent news article actually quotes Senator Vitale concerning what the new law could do as far as expanding the medical marijuana industry in New Jersey. According to Senator Vitale, the proposed legislation would change guidelines and allow patients better access. Additionally, it will also ensure that “new businesses will be able to enter the marketplace and remain viable.”

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