It’s Safety First When Riding on a Motorcycle

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motorcycle accidents law offices of anthony carboneWe have already given you some motorcycle safety tips.  We recently spoke with a veteran worker in emergency services.  He informed us that we should enlighten you further.  He recalled some horrific circumstances and suggested these motorcycle safety tips.

Conduct Safety Inspections

Before you even head out on your motorcycle, take a walk around it.  Make sure all lights are operational.  Check the horn to ensure it makes noise when you hit it.  Look at your tires and examine them to see if they are properly inflated.  Check your motorcycle for safety.  Avoid accidents and the prospect of personal injuries.

Proper Clothing

Yes, we know that you take to the road in the summer to literally feel the wind capture you.  Despite the balmy climate, you should be dressed in appropriate gear.  We are not just speaking about helmets designed to protect your head.  Yes, there is also the issue of wearing colors that illuminate, particularly if you are travelling in the dark.  Take a look at your footwear and consider boots.  Some fairly significant injuries arise from those who take to their motorcycles wearing open-toe shoes.  The balance of your attire should also be worn in accordance with safety concerns.  An article found in suggests that it is a good idea to cover joints to protect them.  You may also wish to protect your hands with gloves and avoid windburn by wearing a jacket.

Know Your Limitations

You may choose a fancy bike and decide to ride with a pack.  However, first make sure you are confident riding your motorcycle.  Avoid situations that put you in competition with other motorists.  Safety first is an excellent motto.

Be Weather Conscious

Although the hot weather certainly dictates taking a motorcycle on the road, even summer months can prove unsafe to bikers.  Be cognizant of weather forecasts.  No one wants to get caught in a hailstorm or overwhelmed by thunder and lightning flashes.


Bikers are required to follow many of the same laws as other motorists.  This means keeping within the lanes as generally designated by white lines.  Some who hop on motorists enjoy the flexibility of their ride.  After all, it allows them to squeeze through areas without difficulty.  Some may go even further and ride in the middle of traffic lanes.  This procedure is called “white-lining” or lane splitting.  You can experience a visual of this tactic, by viewing this video.

Although white-lining seems like a simple means of avoiding traffic, it is far from safe.  The procedure is also referred to ask lane-splitting.  It is not legal to take this challenge in New Jersey.  In fact, most states consider white-lining to be unsafe and against the law.

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