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NJ Fatal Pedestrian Accident LawyerLosing a loved one is never an easy time in your life. Not only are you grieving, but you also have to deal with the stress of planning a funeral, getting their affairs in order, and figuring out your next steps going forward. Now imagine all this on your shoulders and learning that your loved one had died just because he/she was hit by a car while crossing the street.

Jersey City fatal pedestrian accident lawyer Anthony Carbone knows the pain and suffering you and your family are experiencing at this time. Chances are you’re not even thinking of pursuing a wrongful death claim just yet. But time is of the essence after such an accident and the longer you wait, the more likely your case will disappear.

The Causes of a Fatal Pedestrian Accident

The majority of pedestrian accidents with an automobile, unfortunately, end with someone being killed. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 4,735 fatal pedestrian accidents in 2013. This means on average, there was a fatal pedestrian accident every two hours in traffic crashes.

Although the major cause of fatal accidents involve a motor vehicle, fatal pedestrian accidents can also occur in other ways, such as a slip and fall accident on a sidewalk or even just walking by a construction site at the wrong time.

NJ Fatal Pedestrian Accident LawyerHow Your Family Can Be Compensated

According to New Jersey law, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible for the accident. The type of compensation you can receive includes:

  • Funeral expenses.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Loss of income, especially if the loved one was the breadwinner.
  • Any medical expenses.
  • Incidental expenses that may come up.

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We understand that this is a tough time in your life. Chances are you’re still processing the loss of your family member. But the longer you wait to file a claim, the harder it will be to develop a case against those responsible. Witness accounts disappear as does evidence.

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