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jersey city violent crimes lawyer law offices of anthony carboneIf you’ve been charged in New Jersey with a violent crime, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll be facing a serious punishment. Jail time may be in your future, plus some hefty fines, possible community service, and mandatory educational programs. You need to make sure you get a fair sentence or that your crimes fit the charges given to you. You need a good criminal defense attorney to help you in your time of need.

For 35 years, Jersey City violent crimes lawyer Anthony Carbone has been helping clients throughout New Jersey with their criminal cases. With a long legal history, he has spent decades fighting for the rights of those charged with a violent crime. He will make sure your voice is heard in a court of law.

Responding to Claims of Violence in New Jersey

Violent crime charges are among the most serious criminal charges. They are indictable crime offenses, which means even a first time offender could be facing a jail sentence. A violent crime charge comes after a prosecutor collects enough evidence that proves you are the one responsible for the crime. That attorney will then charge you and present this evidence to a grand jury who then must decide if a trial should be held. You will be arrested, bail will be set, and you will have to answer to these charges in a court of law.

And if the grand jury decides the case should go to trial, then you will definitely need an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side. You cannot face these charges alone.

Understanding the Potential Punishment

Each criminal offense in New Jersey, including all violent crimes, falls under one of four degrees. Each degree involves a different amount of prison time if you are convicted. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st degree: 10 to 25 years or moreWhat the New Gun Violence Law Could Actually Mean to You
  • 2nd degree: 5 to 10 years
  • 3rd degree: 3 to 5 years
  • 4th degree: up to 18 months

How Our Jersey City Violent Crimes Lawyer Can Help

Violent crimes lawyer Anthony Carbone can attack the prosecutor’s evidence or present conflicting evidence in order to seek your acquittal. If this is not an option, then your only other option is to negotiate for a lesser charge at a lower degree. No matter what the circumstances, Attorney Carbone will do whatever is necessary to defend you aggressively and make sure you get a fair trial.

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