Law Offices of Anthony Carbone Attend SOFIA Eleventh Annual Walk Against Domestic Violence

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Did you know that one in three women and one in nine men experience severe physical or sexual violence from their partners? About 20 people in the United States experience physical abuse every minute. This translates to over 10 million people every year. 

One in four men and one in three women have experienced physical violence from their intimate partner. This includes a variety of behaviors like shoving, pushing, and slapping. These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg, as experts estimate that countless other cases go unreported each day.

It is, therefore, no surprise that domestic violence is a significant concern in Jersey City. If you are a victim, seek the help of a Jersey City personal injury attorney

The SOFIA Eleventh Annual Walk Against Domestic Violence

Start Out Fresh Intervention Advocates, popularly known as SOFIA, is known for its advocacy efforts and supportive services. The non-profit organization helps women and children find temporary housing while trying to escape situations where they suffer domestic violence. 

The goal is to empower survivors of domestic violence and make them self-sufficient. Through their success center, SOFIA offers:

  • Safe dating education
  • Wellness education
  • Therapy
  • Education on the benefits of healthy relationships and the dangers of unhealthy relationships

Through their annual walks, SOFIA seeks to eradicate domestic violence. Anthony Carbone’s Law Office was happy to participate in the 11th annual walk. 

The Goals of the Walk

The eleventh annual walk against domestic violence, which took place on Sept. 18, was organized in an effort to accomplish a handful of critical objectives, such as:

  • Raising money to support the emergency concerns of survivors and their families
  • Promoting awareness of domestic violence and encouraging others to do the same
  • Securing funds to help run the SOFIA success center
  • Reducing stigma and promoting healing for domestic violence victims

According to Anthony Carbone’s Law Office, it is a good initiative that will impact many lives positively. It will empower domestic violence victims and bring in more supporters. The law office is happy to become part of the network committed to supporting victims and survivors in Jersey City. 

SOFIA’s Services

SOFIA works by leveraging the skills of various volunteers and professionals. Since it offers multiple support services, it is essential to have input from different sources. All of SOFIA’s support services seek to create social change and eventually end domestic violence, including:

  • Advocacy and support services
  • Legal referral help
  • Outreach for safe teen dating and domestic violence
  • Support groups and private therapy sessions
  • ‘I’m a Superhero’ workshops for children empowerment
  • Temporary housing referral for at-risk victims

Dealing With Domestic Abuse

If you or your loved one have been the victim of domestic abuse, you need to get help as soon as possible. The first step is to get out of the situation safely and contact the police as soon as possible. 

Your safety is more important than fighting back. When kids are involved, prioritize their safety over everything. Contact a lawyer for legal representation and get a therapist to work with you through the tough situation. 

The SOFIA Eleventh Annual Walk Against Domestic Violence was a success, but there is a lot to do in the fight against domestic violence in Jersey City. If you witness or suspect any suspicious activity, you’d be wise to contact the police as soon as possible. 

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