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Personal injury firms have the experience and resources necessary to take on individual defendants, insurance companies, and large corporations. They also vary widely in terms of size, location, and type of practice, with some firms having a solo practitioner and others a lawyer team. There are many legal options from which you can choose legal representation, all depending on your case. 

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Solo Practitioner Law Firms

Solo practitioner law firms are run by a single attorney, who is usually the founder. The attorney may handle claims in a variety of fields, or specialize in a particular area of the law. Attorney Carbone, for example, is a solo practitioner that practices personal injury law and criminal defense, among others.

Working with a solo practitioner can hold immense benefits for a client, especially one with a single legal issue. Solo practitioners are generally less expensive and often have the flexibility to hire outside help from legal experts and paralegals.

Additionally, solo practitioners provide their clients with more one-on-one, personalized attention since they often handle all aspects of the case single-handedly.

Single Lawyer vs. Lawyer Team

Attorneys who are certified to practice law in a certain jurisdiction have the option of working by themselves and handling clients independently, or joining or creating a law firm with a team of attorneys. In the former situation, the attorney undertakes every aspect of a case themselves. A lawyer team, on the other hand, may divide different tasks among the members.

Depending on the focus of the law firm, a lawyer team may consist of several attorneys specializing in the same field, but with different skill sets, or lawyers practicing in different fields.

Benefits of Working with a Solo Attorney

Attorneys, even ones specializing in the same field, will usually have different skill sets. When working with a solo practitioner, you can expect uniform results, as dictated by the attorney’s experience and knowledge. Other benefits you might enjoy from this include:

  • Fewer mistakes — A solo practitioner will go through every aspect of your case themselves, reducing the chances of them overlooking a mistake done by another member of a lawyer team.
  • Personalized service — Working one on one with a single attorney means that they will be intimate with all the facts of your case, and can customize their approach to your claim.
  • Availability — Because your attorney has to handle every aspect of your case themselves, you never have to worry that they may be absent during the duration of your case.

Talk to a Hudson County Personal Injury Attorney

Looking for competent legal representation can be overwhelming, with all the options currently available. Should you work with a solo practitioner of a lawyer team? Overall, the answer will depend on your preferences and the details of your case, which you should discuss with an attorney.

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