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A criminal history is nothing to laugh about. It leaves a giant black mark on your record. It can affect getting a job, buying a home, or even trying to get custody of your children during a divorce case. There’s nothing worse than being judged for something you have done when you were young and more stupid than you are today.

So what should you do? You turn to Jersey City defense lawyer Anthony Carbone. His office has handled hundreds of record expulsion cases over the years. He understands how one simple crime can ruin your reputation and your life. To erase your past, all you have to do is pick up the phone for a free consultation. It’s that easy.
Just remember that in order to have your record expunged, you have to be convicted of one crime (or two disorderly person offenses) and a certain time has passed. After your expungement has been approved, your fingerprint cards will be destroyed and your arrest and conviction records will be cleared. You might not even have to go to court.
So contact Jersey City defense lawyer Anthony Carbone today. Aggressive. Relentless. Successful. That’s Anthony Carbone.

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