How long will my criminal case take?

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falsely-accused-of-a-crime-in-njYou’ve just been arrested on a felony. You spent a night in jail and had your first appearance in front of the judge and you are released on bail. Now comes the hard part…the waiting. How long will you have to wait before the trial begins? And then how long will it take?

First, if you are arrested on a criminal matter, don’t face the judge alone. Contact Jersey City criminal defense attorney Anthony Carbone. Then there’s a long timeline you will have to follow before your case is resolved. Here are the various steps that you will go through before you see the case through:

  • Plea Bargaining – this is when we will discuss with the prosecution about your criminal case and find a suitable punishment. If you we reach a deal and it is approved by judge, then you are charged with a crime and will begin severing your sentence. If a deal cannot be reached, the criminal case will proceed.
  • Grand Jury Indictment – Before any felony case goes to court, a grand jury needs to hear the case. It is at this time that a jury will determine whether there is enough cause for a trial. This will take place within six days of your arrested. If the jury finds probable cause, you will be indicted.
  • Arraignment and Plea Options – Arraignment must be held no later than 50 days after you are indicted.  It is at this time when the charges against you are formally read and you will make your plea of either guilty or not guilty.
  • Trial, Verdict and Sentence – Trial should begin within 180 days. It is here that a jury will be selected and the trial begins. The trial could last anywhere from a couple of days to a few months, depending on the complexity.

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