Megan’s Law: Can My Employer Fire Me?

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megans-law-employment-law-offices-of-anthony-carboneIt’s the last blog of our Megan’s Law series. We’ve talked about what it is, how you get on and off the list, and what happens when you fail to register. Now comes the important question: What happens when you don’t disclose that you’re on the registry?

There has been some controversy since the creation of the law over the rights of privacy for sex offenders. Although both prosecutors and activists have praised the law, there are still many who say it may label people who aren’t a threat to society as dangerous. With such a stigma attached to sex offenders, it’s not surprising that many may choose not to mention that they are on the registry.

So what can happen? Let’s say you just got a new job but fail to mention on your application that you’re on the sex offender registry. However, your new employer does require a background check on all new employees and discovers the truth. What can your employer do? Can you get fired?

In most cases, it is a requirement of your release to inform your employer. However, an employer cannot hire or fire you just because you’re a sex offender unless you pose a risk to the company itself. For instance, if you work as a kindergarten teacher and are registered sex offender, there’s a good chance you’ll be fired. But if you were, say, working at a call center, then you probably don’t pose a threat. So you’re best bet is to tell your employer that you’re on the registry, that you served your time, and are no longer a risk to society.

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