MLB Gets Tough on Domestic Violence

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domestic violence mlb anthony carboneIn the past, we’ve talked a lot about domestic violence and the NFL’s attempts to strengthen its domestic violence policy. And it looks like one sports organization has proven its taking a stand against domestic violence.

Just recently, the MLB had handed down a 30-game suspension to New York Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman under its new domestic violence policy. According to ESPN, the Yankee player had allegedly choked his girlfriend back in October after an argument over something she found on his phone. No charges have been filed on Chapman.

Although Chapman says he didn’t harm his girlfriend, he did accept his suspension and decided not to appeal the decision. The punishment is a 30-game suspension which goes into effect on Opening Day. In addition, Chapman will lose 30 days of pay, a total of $1,856,557, as well as 30 days of major league service.

The punishment could have been worse. If Chapman had appealed the suspension and lost, he could have been out for an extra 10 games. In addition, an appeal would have put a black mark on the beginning of the season.

This is the first time the MLB has used its new domestic violence policy. It was created last August after several incidents had plagued the NFL season.

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