Most of New Jersey’s Domestic Violence Cases Are Dismissed

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domestic violence eighty percentDid you know that 80 percent of domestic violence cases are ultimately dismissed in New Jersey? This statistic has legal professionals across the Garden State confused about how cases are ultimately being handled in courtrooms. But why is this the case? The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone explain how domestic violence is a skewed issue throughout the legal system in today’s blog.

Lack of Domestic Violence Evidence

The dismissal rate for domestic violence is nearly double the rate for other disorderly persons offenses. Victim testimony is often the factor most relied upon, but it provides the biggest hurdles in domestic violence cases due to what’s typically known as “he-said, she-said” arguments.

Domestic violence cases seem to put law enforcement in the same position as referees during a sporting event. In many instances, cops or even the accused’s own lawyers don’t know if they are telling the truth or lying straight to their face. It’s a tricky situation, especially when a victim tells you that their life has been ruined by domestic violence only to find out their back in the same situation that caused the traumatic event in the first place.

Law enforcement needs to do a better job of investigating domestic violence complaints, so someone’s word isn’t the only evidence they have to support an allegation. In fact, some who have endured domestic violence incidents don’t even want to talk about it, rather pretending that the incident(s) never happened.

By the time a domestic violence case is heard, months will probably have gone by. This gives victims time to rethink. They tend to go back to the person who caused them pain, such as a boyfriend or a husband. During this time, the abuser can inflict more pain causing them to fear testifying in court or speaking out at all.

It’s Time to Speak Up

Victims should not be afraid to speak up against their perpetrator. Speaking up is the first step to saving your life. Aside from typical ways you hear about preventing domestic violence from occurring such as filing a restraining order, there are different steps you can take to ending the violence. These steps include:

  • Simply calling 911 if something happens or otherwise fear your safety
  • Teach youth about the dangerous effects of domestic violence
  • Talk with the people who care about you the most

Out of the three steps listed above, talking to people who care about you the most can go a long way in keeping you safe from future domestic violence incidents. You may not want to speak up if you are a victim, but your family member, friend, or loved one might go out of their way to speak up on your behalf because they care about you.

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