Motorcycle Accidents Can Be Deadly in the Wintertime

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winter motorcycle accidents anthony carbone“The weather outside is frightful.”   The radio blasts this lyric and others from familiar holiday songs, which often sum up December forecasts in New Jersey.  Only this year, the season is far from cold and snowy.  Thus, the reason that there are motorcycles on Jersey roads as winter approaches.  Winter motorcycle accidents are less common, but can be just as deadly.

Some Recent Accidents
Have you seen the news regarding recent motorcycle accidents?  Reports indicate that a motorcyclist’s Sunday ride on his bike proved fatal for him.  Unfortunately, the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident was charged with driving while intoxicated.  This motorcycle accident occurred in nearby Linden.

Earlier this month, a West New York biker was injured when his motorcycle was involved in a crash with a state trooper’s car.  According to news articles, the accident occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike in Secaucus.  Indications are that the biker did not notice the police vehicle changing lanes and crashed into it.

Some motorcycle accidents involve just one vehicle.  Last month, a biker was killed when his motorcycle went out of control.  News reports provided little information concerning the circumstances of the accident.

Winter Precautionary Top Tips
Have you decided to take advantage of this year’s unusual holiday weather?  Whether you decide to hop on your bike now or in the coming months, consider the following:

  • Be alert – Many other motorists may be surprised to see a motorcycle on the road in December.  Keep proper distances and use appropriate signals.
  • Ensure your bike is maintained – If you put your motorcycle away in preparation for the winter months and took it back out, make sure it is safe.  Check the tires.  Be prepared for abrupt weather changes.
  • Keep an eye on weather reports –   New Jersey weather can fluctuate as quickly as your motorcycle can accelerate from one speed to another.
  • Dress weather appropriate – Ensure that you are warm and protected from the elements.

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Our clients tell us that they would love to ride their motorcycles year round, weather permitting.  They boast of the freedom of riding with the wind.  Notwithstanding, motorcycle accidents can result in extremely severe personal injuries.  Too often, lives are lost when bikers are involved in motor vehicle crashes.

At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we have represented many victims of motorcycle accidents.  If you have been injured in an accident, please call to schedule an appointment.  We would like to provide you with advice concerning your legal options.

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