Why Would I Need an Attorney to Get My Record Expunged?

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record expungement law offices of anthony carboneIt’s hard to get a good job and a decent place to live these days. It doesn’t help that you have a criminal record. It’s no fair — employers take one look at your job application and instantly vote no if they see that you have a record. But you committed that crime years ago when you were younger and dumber. Is there a way to stop this act of juvenile recklessness from haunting your adulthood?

Yes, there is. The best option you can do is get your record expunged. According to New Jersey law, you can expunge a criminal record as long as the following is true:

  • Didn’t commit one of the following crimes: Homicide (except death by auto); kidnapping; luring, aggravated sexual assault or contact; criminal sexual contact (if the victim is a minor); criminal restraint; robbery, endangering the welfare of a child (based on sexual contact); perjury; human trafficking; selling or manufacturing child pornography; terrorism; or producing or possessing chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons.
  • If it’s not a motor vehicle offense or record
  • The waiting period has ended (from as low as 1 year to up to 10 years, if it’s an indictable crime).

But before you start the process, we strongly suggest that you get a lawyer before proceeding. A criminal defense attorney can walk you through the process and explain what each form is, what are the records you will need to provide, and any fees that are involved. In addition, if trouble does arise, a lawyer can speak with the judge on your behalf to see what will happen with your case. And if a judge decides not to expunge your record, an attorney can help get the order changed, if necessary.

You may consider handling the matter yourself. But this can come back to haunt you later. The court system can be complex and the forms for record expungement can be confusing. Just a wrong word or a missing record can hold up the process. You want this done right the first time — and that’s why you should hire an attorney.

If you are looking to get your record expunged in New Jersey, then look no further. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today for a free consultation.

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