New Jersey may override veto on domestic violence gun bill

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new jersey domestic violence gun control bill override anthony carbone`The New Jersey Assembly is set to vote on overriding Gov. Chris Christie’s veto on a recent firearms bill. The bill, which received strong support from domestic violence victim advocates, would confiscate firearms from those who have been convicted of domestic abuse.

This is not the first gun control bill the Assembly is deciding to override. Earlier this month, the state government decided to override the governor on a bill that would allow police to decide whether people with documented mental illness expunge this from their record in order to obtain a gun permit.

The domestic violence bill was created by state Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera, who has her own experiences with domestic violence. As a child, Mosquera had once lived in a shelter for battered women in an effort escape her abusing father.

If the bill is overridden, the following will occur:

  • Prosecutors must inform domestic violence victim that they may seek the revocation of their abuse’s firearms ID cards and permits before the guns are returned
  • Law enforcement are required to check a registry of domestic abusers before issuing a license
  • Create a space on restraining order form to allow victims to describe the abuser’s access to firearms

How often is gun violence related to domestic abuse? Very often. According to recent research by the American Journal of Public Health, the presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation increased the risk of homicide for women by 500 percent. In fact, more than half of women are murdered with guns are killed by a family member or an intimate partner.

Christie had vetoed the bill on November 9 because he believed it was redundant to current laws already in place. But victim advocates disagreed, stating that there’s no way to prohibit abusers from owning a gun.

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