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workplace assault attorney anthony carboneThe workplace can be a very stressful environment. There are deadlines to meet, angry customers to soothe, and scary bosses to appease. Not only do you have to deal with the demands of your job, but you also have to deal with the personalities of your co-workers. And sometimes, there’s a clash in opinions and what might start out as an argument could turn out to be a brawl.

No one expects to get hurt on the job through workplace violence. But if you are the victim of a workplace assault, you’re going to need legal help. For more than 26 years, Jersey City law firm the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has been handling workplace assault cases throughout New Jersey. We know how to get you properly compensated for your injuries and make sure this never happens again.

Who Pays for a Workplace Assault?

No matter what was the cause for the workplace assault, there are no winners after such a fight. If you are the victim of an assault, you not only have to worry about medical bills, but any mental distress you may have. You may become frightful of returning to work. Or your injuries are severe enough that you may not be able to do your job as you had before.

As the victim, you are entitled to the following compensation from your injuries:

  • Workers’ compensation – Since the fight occurred at the office just working hours, your medical bills, therapy bills, and any missing wages are covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Personal injury lawsuit against your attacker – Although chances are the attacker will be facing criminal charges for the assault, you will be able to sue that person later for your injuries.
  • Employer liability – Your employer has a responsibility for keeping your workplace free from any danger. Since he/she failed to prevent the assault from happening, you’re able to sue your employer for any damages caused by the assault.

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