When a Non-Resident Slips and Falls at an Apartment Building

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Non-Resident SlipsAs we’ve mentioned in posts in the past, all property owners have the responsibility to keep their property clear of any dangers that might accidentally harm someone. We should be keeping our properties clear so we can be safe in our own homes as well as keeping anyone safe who stops in for a visit. But what happens when someone slips and falls just outside your door and the victim is someone who doesn’t belong on your property in the first place?

Listen to the following scenario:

A recent winter storm has caused the walkway in front of your apartment building you own to become a thick sheet of ice. You’re aware of the problem; however, you don’t have any ice melt, salt, or sand on hand. After warning your tenants about the dangerous and slippery conditions, you head off to the store but don’t do anything to treat the area before you leave. While you’re gone, a teenager decides to cut through your property to get to a friend’s house. While on your property, he slips on your icy walkway and falls, breaking his collarbone and hitting his head on the ground causing a massive cut.

Are you at fault for the accident since the teenager was injured on your property? Or does the responsibility fall on the trespasser who was unaware of the ice and your previously stated warning?

As New Jersey premises liability law states, as the owner of the multifamily property, you must keep your property safe for all visitors, unwanted or not. It’s true that this is an unwanted visitor, but since you were on your way to correct the dangerous area, you may not be found liable for the accident.

However, if trespassers are an ordinary occurrence on your property, you may be responsible for what happens next time. Whatever the case may be, chances are you’re going to be slapped with a lawsuit and you’re going to need an experienced slip and fall accident attorney to help you with the tricky situation.

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