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Getting arrested with a felony charge can be terrifying, especially if it is your first time. That is why it is essential to know your options and how you can protect your rights. Without the proper representation at your defense, the chances are that you will face wrongful convictions and harsh penalties.

Thankfully, with a North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney, you get a professional with who you can discuss your case and protect your interests. Here is more information about felony charges and the importance of working with a legal representative.

What crimes are classified as felonies?

In New Jersey, crimes are classified into indictable crimes, disorderly person offenses, and petty disorderly person offenses. A felony charge falls under indictable crimes, with a minimum of one-year imprisonment if found guilty. Generally, felonies carry heavier penalties of either fines or incarceration. Luckily, our North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney will investigate details, explain your options, and ensure your rights are protected. Here are examples of felony crimes:

  • First-degree crimes: These crimes include rape, manslaughter, and murder. Usually, they are the most severe, and they carry the heaviest punishments.
  • Second-degree crimes: They include white-collar crimes such as cybercrime, drug crimes, burglary, and sex offenses. They come with severe penalties.
  • Third-degree crimes: Third-degree felonies include robbery, DUI offenses, and arson.
  • Fourth-degree crimes: They include forgery and stalking.

What are the potential penalties for felony charges?

As discussed, felony charges attract heavy fines and punishment because of their severity. The following are examples of possible court-imposed sentences for different convictions:

  • Class D felony: These charges are the least severe and attract a possible sentence of one to five years or a fine of $5000.
  • Class C felony: Individuals found guilty of these offenses are sentenced to one to ten years imprisonment or a $10000 fine.
  • Class B felony: Sentence is either a fine of $15000 or one to forty years in prison.
  • Class A felony: Guilty offenders could face a sentence of ten to fifty years imprisonment or 25 years and a $20000 fine.
  • Capital felony: It is the most serious offense with a death penalty or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Other collateral consequences

You may think that serving prison time, probation, and paying fines is enough. However, your record can make the rest of your life unbearable. Examples of situation that are affected by bad reputation include:

  •       Failure to secure employment because employers are aware of your past through background checks
  •       Failure to get a house because potential landlords ran a background check before renting out the premises
  •       Disqualification from federal student loans and financial aid
  •       Loss of driver’s license due to DUI offenses

Why you should work with an attorney

The discussion above clearly indicates that felony offenses can land you in so many years in prison or ruin the rest of your life. Our experienced North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney will ensure you receive a fair trial and seek strategies to dismiss your charges. Call the offices at 201-829-3805 immediately after you are arrested to get legal representations for your rights.

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