Parent Abuse: What Is It?

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parent abuseWe have all heard of child abuse and the damaging effects it can have physically, mentally, and emotionally. But, have you heard of parent abuse? Try searching for it online. You won’t find much, except for a few support sites. Parent abuse is a growing problem for parents who share their home with abusive children or teenagers.

This type of abuse is a form of domestic violence. Parent abuse should be taken seriously because it can result in physical violence, property damage, depression, loss of employment, and possibly a broken family. The abuse is usually committed by a teenager displaying the following behaviors:

  • Threats of violence
  • Name calling and swearing
  • Intimidation, bullying, or acts of refusal
  • Blackmail
  • Stealing
  • Alcohol and drug abuse

Those are just some of many behaviors that could lead to a child abusing a parent. Sometimes, these behaviors are labeled as normalized teenage behaviors thanks to society. That shouldn’t be the case because the issue of parental abuse can cause both serious harm to the parent(s) and the child.

The issue of this type of abuse has grown more recently due to children becoming more aware of their rights. This has led to the parent’s ability to punish their child for bad behavior to disappear because it is viewed as unacceptable. If one person happens to see you strike your child, regardless of the circumstances, you’ll be the one facing legal trouble.

Parent abuse is not restricted to a certain social group either. Single and two-parent families are affected in the same ways. Mothers are usually the most affected, but fathers suffer their issues as well.

What ultimately causes a child to turn on their parents? Many consider parent abuse to stem from today’s ever-changing societal norms. There’s more violence than ever in today’s world. Whether it is movies, television, video games, news, or politics; violence is considered normal. Other factors that can lead to parental abuse include social deprivation, easy access to alcohol and drugs, unemployment, and debt.

What Can You Do?

You don’t have to endure this type of abuse because it’s your child. Recognize that you aren’t at fault and speak up. You can confront your child about the abuse, talk to a friend or loved one, or seek a support group. Don’t retaliate against your child. More often, it won’t end up in your favor.

If the abuse continues, you might need experienced legal counsel. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone for a consultation.

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