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Personal injury attorneys are civil litigators who act on behalf of their clients and are often referred to as plaintiffs. In court, plaintiffs allege physical injury or psychological trauma caused by negligence or careless acts of another individual, entity, company, government organization, or agency and fight for those damages to be financial compensation. 

Personal injury lawyers practice in the section of the law known as tort law, which focuses on private or civic wrongs or injuries and non-monetary or monetary damages. These attorneys will ensure their clients are safe from victimization by companies, which provide insurance and have an established legal system. In most cases, the personal injury attorneys are referred to as trial lawyers, even though most of their claims are settled before proceeding to full trial.

The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone prides itself in having a team of experienced attorneys who have handled nearly every type of claim. These lawyers have an extensive understanding of the legal system and know how to negotiate for total compensation. Schedule a free consultation to talk to an experienced Jersey City personal injury attorney today.

What Are The Duties Of Personal Injury Attorneys?

Even though personal injury attorneys have the required licenses to practice in all law areas, they mainly handle cases falling under the tort law, including flawed products, work injuries, accidents resulting from slip and falls, road accidents, and more. 

These personal injury lawyers help the plaintiff secure the recovery for losses incurred, including the loss of earning capacity, inability to perform day-to-day activities, pain, and suffering. They may also include any expenses that might arise, attorney fees, legal costs, and loss of companionship.

Some of the common functions of the jersey city personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone include:

  • Explain your rights
  • Provide expert legal advice to help you understand the complex legal procedures
  • Represents the plaintiff in court
  • Completes a professional investigation
  • Better assess your damages
  • Works through various legal procedures

When Do You Need A Personal Injury Attorney?

Not all cases need you to have a lawyer. If the damages are minor, there is no severe injury, and the settlement offer seems reasonable, you may not need an attorney. But sometimes, cases might appear pretty simple at first and become more complex later, which might be best handled by an experienced personal injury attorney.

Some of the critical circumstances where you need the help of an attorney include:

  • If the responsible insurance company denies your claim
  • If multiple parties might be involved
  • A settlement is offered that you are uncertain about its worth comparing your damages

Contact an Experienced Jersey City Attorney

Are you yet to find an experienced personal injury attorney? Consider looking through the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone. With over three decades’ experience, the team of attorneys aggressively and relentlessly fight to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one has sustained an injury that you believe was caused by someone else’s fault or negligence, contact the Law Offices Of Anthony Carbone at 201-829-3829 to learn more about your legal options and receive the compensation you deserve.

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