Why Does It Take So Long to Settle My Personal Injury Claim?

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personal injury claim anthony carboneYou were injured after slipping and falling in a store parking lot. When the insurance company denies your claim, you decide to take legal action. You hire a personal injury lawyer and wait for a settlement offer. And wait. And wait some more. Weeks go by and you still haven’t heard a word from your lawyer. How long do you have to wait?

One of the most common questions we receive from a first time client is how long their case will take before it’s settled. And the answer we always give is it depends on your case. Each personal injury claim is different — some can be resolved in a matter of weeks, others can take months. But why can it be such a lengthy process? There can be a few reasons for that:

There may be an issue with your claim. For instance, that slip and fall you had didn’t actually happen on the store’s property. Or you had a previous injury that flared up after your accident. Personal injury cases can be quite complex and it all comes do to discovering who is liable for your injuries. And this can be more difficult that you realize. Discovering the true cause of your accident can take some time.

There’s a lot of money involved. If your case involves a large settlement, then the insurance company will need to do something called due diligence. This means that the company will be investigating everything about your case and damages surrounding the case. Your insurance won’t settle until it’s sure that it doesn’t have a good defense; your injuries are as extensive as you say they are; your credibility cannot be challenged.

You still need medical treatment. If you’re still getting treatment for your injuries, your attorney may want to wait until you are at your healthiest before seeking damages. If you are still under a physician’s care, then it can be hard to put a price on how much your medical bills are. Plus it’s still unclear whether you will make a full recovery.

You may not want to wait so long. You need to pay your medical bills and you need to do it now. This may mean on settling for the first offer that you receive. But this can be a mistake. Remember the insurance company will offer you the lowest settlement possible for your personal injury claim. Listen to your lawyer, he will give you the correct advice.

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