Are Personal Injury Court TV Shows Real?

Are Personal Court TV shows real? I wish they were. I would love for my case to start and end in 60 minutes.

What they don’t show you within the confines of the show is all the work and the effort that goes through a personal injury case that let lawyers like myself have to do at their desk. That’s not the sexy part. That’s not the fun part. That’s not the dramatic part that people want to see. They want to see the courtroom drama.

Well, before you get to that courtroom and before you have drama in that courtroom, and before you even walk in there, you better have that case prepped. And that’s what lawyers like myself do, all day long, sitting at our desk every day, six days a week for 10 hours a day. So that part is real. The part that you see on TV, that’s not.


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