Comparing Personal Injury Protection vs Medical Payments

So if you have a personal injury case and you sustained an injury as a result of somebody else’s negligence. Normally, if it’s a car accident case, your car insurance is going to pay your medical bills. So just so you understand this, it has nothing to do with the other car, even though if the car was at fault, the other vehicle’s insurance does not pay your medical bills. Your medical bills are paid by your car insurance.

If it’s a slip and fall case and you don’t have health insurance then normally what we have those medical bills on hold and we give what’s called the letter of protection or a lien on the case and we allow the doctors to have a lien on the case so at the end of the case when the case settles and gets resolved, the medical doctors and medical personnel get their payment.

So, the difference between PIP, which is what you referred to, PIP is applied too in car accident cases. In slip and fall cases, there is no PIP. However, sometimes in slip and fall cases, there is what’s called med pay. And med pay is a provision that the party who is negligent has on their policy an insurance that will pay a portion of your medical bills. So we can get some of your medical bills paid through the med pay portion of the policy of the party that was negligent.

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