How Are Attorneys Rated?

So attorneys are rated, I guess, according to their clients. You know, you can look at a Google rating, and you can read what clients have to say about their lawyer. And when you read that, you want to make sure that the client has some experience with that lawyer. And you know, that the client had a case with the attorney, and the client was either satisfied or not satisfied. So clients can be rated that way. Clients can be rated simply by word of mouth.

I’m practicing law for 35 years now here in Jersey City. I can’t even walk to get a cup of coffee without me seeing somebody that I’ve represented in the past or that I know in the past. I mean, I just walked down the street and I hear, “Hey, Mr. Carbone. Hey, Mr. Carbone, how are you doing? How are you doing?” It’s just because I’ve been here for 33 years, and I’ve been representing these people who I love dearly for 35 years. And it’s a joy to represent them. So my ratings are– sure, my ratings are on Google but my ratings are on word of mouth and on referrals. And quite frankly, that’s really where we get most of our business.



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