I Was Injured From a Car Rental App, Turo, Uber, Lyft. What Do I Do?

The new Turo app that’s out there, these are brand new cases. These are cases that really nobody has any experience in handling because the whole concept of renting somebody else’s car is brand new and it just started on these apps that we have.

What we’ve learned to this point is that the insurance that follows the car that would normally be responsible for your medical bills may not be paying the medical bills and if you don’t own a car because most likely you don’t and that’s why you’re renting your car, you don’t have your own car that will pay your medical bills and you may not have health insurance.

If the car that you’re in is not going to pay your medical bills, how are we going to get your injuries treated? How are we going to get the medical bills paid and how are we going to get you paid for pain and suffering? There’s no law on these cases yet because they’re still so new. There haven’t been any Appellate Division decisions or any decisions that I’ve come around to that read that provide any guidance on these cases.

So if this happens to you, if you’re a victim of an accident or if you sustained an injury while in one of these app vehicles, call a lawyer. It’s important.


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