Is a Car Accident a Personal Injury Case?

A car accident is a personal injury case. But what’s needed for that car accident to become a personal injury case is [A] negligence by the other party, and [B] an injury that you sustained as a result of that negligence. And if there’s an injury that you sustained, then there has to be medical treatment. So, you know, we get clients all the time that come in, that have a case that decide that they need medical attention that they see a doctor, and after two weeks, they decide, they stop seeing a doctor.

And then they come to us and they want to know what the value of the case is. Well, the case doesn’t have any value. It’s a personal injury case. There are two requirements. You have to be a person and you have to be injured. If you’re injured, you go to the doctor. If there’s no medical treatment, there’s no injury, there’s no personal injury case. Is a car accident a personal injury case? It is. We got to make sure that there’s an injury that evolves from the car accident.


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