What Are Typical Personal Injury Payouts?

What’s a typical personal injury payout? People always want to know. Well, I have a herniated disc. What do clients similar to my injury get that you’ve resolved?

And there really is no typical payout for a personal injury case even if you have the same injury because the same injury could affect two different people two different ways.

So when a case is evaluated, we evaluate not only what the injury is but how that injury affects a person’s everyday life. Does it affect them? Are they still able to go to work? Are they still able to do things at home? Do they still do the same chores at home? Are they able to do things socially that they used to do? Are they restricted from doing those things?

So when you look at what’s the value of the case and what’s the value of a payout, there’s really no set value, which is different in worker’s comp because, in worker’s comp, there are set values. So worker’s comp has a chart that outlines the payout for a certain injury.

In negligence cases, in auto cases, in slip-and-falls, there is no such chart. What we do have to go by, we have prior jury verdicts and we have what’s called a jury verdict sheet that lists all the jury verdicts each week that come out.

So we can use the jury verdict sheet as a guide to see, “OK. What was this person’s injury? What did the jury find and why did they find that and then how is that similar to my client’s injury?”

So there are guides that we can use. Is there anything specific? No. That’s something that we had – that’s done on a case-by-case basis.

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