What Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Worker’s compensation cases are great cases. The difference between a worker’s compensation case and a regular personal injury case or a negligence case is the concept of negligence. In worker’s compensation, you don’t have to prove that the accident was your employer’s fault. You don’t have to prove that your employer did something wrong that caused you to get hurt. All you have to prove in a worker’s compensation case is that the accident happened while you were employed and during the course of your work hours that you were injured. And the injury could have been something that you did on your own, that you could have caused on your own.

So it doesn’t have to be that your employer caused the injury. It could be something that you did. You could have put your hand in an electric socket or something. As long as the injury occurred while you were employed during work hours then worker’s compensation will cover that.

Now, what is the worker’s compensation cover? So first of all, we know a) you don’t have to prove negligence. It’s great, right?

Number two, worker’s compensation will pay your temporary disability benefits while you’re out of work. They are going to cover and they’re going to pay you temporary disability benefits.

Number three, which is wonderful in worker’s comp, worker’s comp is going to send you to their doctors and you’re going to get treated. Your injury is going to get treated. You’re going to see doctors. If you need surgery, if you need diagnostic tests, they will make sure you will get diagnostic tests. They will make sure you will get treated. And if you need surgery, they will make sure you will get the surgery.

And lastly, at the end of the worker’s compensation case, you’re going to get money for pain and suffering. So when you have a worker’s compensation case, what are the four benefits of worker’s compensation? Number one, temporary disability benefits, number two, medical bills paid, number three, your worker’s compensation sends you to doctors who are going to treat you, and last, you get money for pain and suffering.


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