What Is Product Liability Litigation?

So product liability is one of those areas of the law that if you have a product liability case, you want to meet with an attorney or a law firm that handles product liability cases. Those are real particular cases. Product liability cases are similar to medical malpractice cases. Those are cases that you really want that lawyer or that firm who concentrates in that area of law to handle your medical malpractice case or your product liability case.

Quite frankly, I don’t handle those cases. At my firm, we don’t handle any product liability cases because it’s just not an area of the law that we’ve had exposure to or experience with over the years.

Now, do I get people to contact me that have what they think is a product liability case and they want a consultation? Sure.

Do I bring them in and talk to them? Sure.

So I take the case? No.

Normally, what I do is I would give the name of a couple of attorneys who handle those cases and tell them, “Go speak to the experts.” Give to the experts what the experts know. And that’s the best way to handle those cases.

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