What Is the Legal Definition of Negligence?

The legal definition of negligence. So, as I’m practicing now for 33 years, one of the things that I’m pretty proud of is having paralegals that came to work for me that I molded them to become attorneys, that now are practicing attorneys, and working with other law firms. And it became– that became lawyers.

I now have a paralegal who is employed by my office. And I convinced her that she needs to take the Law School Admission Test because she needs to go to law school. In connection with her taking this test and going to law school and wanting to become a lawyer, I’m practicing with the certain things that she has to know for the test and certain things she’s going to have to know when she gets to law school. For example, the definition of negligence.

And, you know, whenever I see her, I talk to her and I’ll test her. And I’ll tell her, it’s very simple. Under the law, it’s duty, breach, cause, and damage. Duty, breach, cause, damage. That the defendant has a duty to protect you. That the defendant breached that duty. Was that breach a cause of your injuries? If you could establish duty, breach, cause, and damage, you establish negligence.


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