What Should I Do When a Dog Bites a Person?

What should you do when the dog bites a person? Dog bite cases are what they call in New Jersey strict liability cases, which means you don’t really have to prove negligence, you just have to prove that there was a dog bite. But if there was a dog bite, you also have to prove that the dog bite occurred on property that wasn’t the owner’s, or that the owner didn’t do anything to create a situation where the dog and the injured person are together.

If it’s your home, and the owner knows that he or she or they own the dog and the dog has a propensity for danger, well, then the owner has an obligation to put that dog somewhere safe. If that dog escapes the owner’s house and runs down the street and sees someone and bites them, well, then that owner has an obligation to make sure that that dog can’t escape his house and couldn’t do that.

So, the problem with dog bite cases is the issue of coverage. And that’s really what you have to find out on these dog bite cases if indeed there’s insurance coverage to cover the injury that the person sustains as a result of the dog bite. And then, of course, you have to make sure that following the dog bite that there’s– the protocols are taken, that the dog is tested and there are no other associated medical issues that the dog may have, and the dog may have given to you as a result of the dog bite.


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