What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?

So we have these cases all the time and I always tell the client, “The first thing that you want to do is a) report it, b) take pictures.” We all have smartphones. We all have cameras on our phones. Take pictures. Take pictures. Take pictures. Take pictures. Just don’t take pictures of where you fell. Take pictures, if it’s in the aisle at a supermarket, take a picture of the whole aisle, one end to the other. Just take photographs. It’s critical.

Take as many as you can and make sure you report it. That’s really, really important because the insurance carrier is going to claim that the owner of the business had no knowledge that there was a fall, that there was no knowledge that anybody got hurt, and that we have to prove that somebody was injured. It’s not only a matter of getting medical treatment after you fell. But before you even get – that you have an ambulance come to take you, have somebody take photographs. Make sure that this is reported. Get the name of the person that you are reporting it to. Get their name. Write it down on your phone as well. That’s really important.

Document your case. Document your case. Document your case. That’s critical.

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