What Should You Know About Exposure Cases?

An exposure case occurs when a person was injured as a result of usually inhaling or ingesting some type of chemical, carbon monoxide, something that wouldn’t ordinarily create an injury but in this situation did.

I mentioned we had a case where a woman was injured at a gym. She was walking in the pool and as she was walking in the pool, the mechanics at the pool were putting chemicals into the pool room. However, the mechanics put the wrong chemicals in the wrong tube and had caused the tubes to explode and it caused this poor client of ours to be, as she was walking in the pool, she got completely bathed in chlorine. And that chlorine created a pulmonary issue for her. So those are chemical cases.

We have another case that we’re handling where a client was working at home because now, everybody is working at home remotely, and she didn’t realize it but she actually was knocked out from exposure to carbon monoxide that was determined to be caught – came from men that were in her attic that were doing work in her attic that were using certain tools that created this substance to emit because the machine that they were using wasn’t ventilated properly.

What occurred with this case is unbeknownst to her, because she just – she was knocked out, the Fire Department came, knocked on her door, broke in her door, came into her apartment, and scooped her out of her bed and they were the ones that saved her. And it was fortunate because the detector that she had in her house notified the Fire Department.

So those are different types of exposure cases that we looked at and those are different types of cases that we have and that we think are valuable cases.


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