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After an injury in a corporation, every victim is advised to obtain personal injury protection. A personal injury protection application is the claim a victim makes against the insurer to ensure medical bills and lost wages are catered for. Furthermore, the accident that happened in the business is due to someone’s negligence. Once the victim has received emergency treatment, it is time to involve an attorney who assists in to fight to ensure compensation is provided. Union City Personal Injury Attorney Anthony Carbone assists clients from filing a personal injury case to receiving reimbursements.

What are the Guidelines of Personal Injury Protection?

If the medical care charges surpass the insurer’s limits, the victim’s health insurance will cover the other expenses if it is available. Some of the key guidelines include;

  •       Personal injury protection shields both the policyholders and the customers irrespective of whether they have insurance.
  •       Personal injury protection covers all medical costs related to injuries incurred in an accident.
  •       Protection policies have a minimum coverage total and a maximum coverage limit per person.
  •       Personal injury protection pays for health charges even if the policyholder causes the mishap.

How can a Victim Apply for Personal Injury Protection?

Attorney Carbone provides different steps to get protection for the injured. These steps involve;

  •       First is getting medical treatment; no matter the nature of the injury, the worker should go to the emergency room directly or make an appointment with the doctor. This is important because it will help remove any assumptions the insurer or judges may have regarding the injuries.
  •       Afterwards, it is important to discuss the matter with a personal injury lawyer, especially if it is a major injury that is causing you days off work or high medical bills.
  •       The lawyer will then examine the claim by interviewing the victim about the incident and the injuries. He will also assess medical records and the charges involving the damage.
  •       If the case can be settled easily, the attorney issues the insurance company with the demands. This, however, is done after the victim has reached maximum medical improvement so that the lawyer is aware of how much the case is worth.
  •       If the two sides disagree, the claim moves to the litigation stage, where the victim and attorney file a personal injury lawsuit.
  •       The case then enters the discovery chapter, where each party involved investigates the accusations and arguments of the other side. During this stage, they send queries and documents to each other and take testimonies of related participants and witnesses.
  •       The lawyer will then start discussing settlement as the discovery stage ends. If the lawyers are unable to settle, they go to mediation, where both clients and lawyers get help from a neutral third-party intermediary.
  •       If mediation does not work, the claim is then booked for trial, which can last a day, a week, or even longer depending on the judge’s schedule. This, however, does not imply that something unfavorable is happening.

If you are a victim and wonder if a personal injury protection application is necessary, the answer is yes.

To learn more about personal injury protection, contact The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone by calling 201-762-8956 or online.

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