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By Guest Blogger Chris Foerster

Slip And Fall FAQsDid you end up hurt after slipping and falling at a local supermarket or on a neighbor’s property? Before you decide to take action, you might want to know your potential options. Below are some frequently asked questions about slip and fall accidents.

Should I create an accident report at the time of the incident?

Ideally, a business or company generates an accident report when someone on the property gets hurt. Make sure that the owner or manager completes an accident report at the time you got hurt or injured. There might not be any need for you to give lengthy statements (you probably shouldn’t do that) or sign anything, although you should ask to be given a copy of the said accident report.

Is the owner of the business where I had the accident legally responsible for what happened?

The owner of the business may have a duty and responsibility to make sure that each and every customer is out of harm’s way by properly maintaining the property or establishment, and might also be required to warn visitors of any condition or situation that can put them in some form of danger – for instance, placing a “wet floor” warning sign where there is spilled liquid.

If it’s apparent that the business owner failed to take into account the safety of the customers, a personal injury lawyer might decide to gather relevant facts and use them to make sure that the at-fault individual will be held responsible.

Can I sue the business owner even though the accident took place at the establishment’s parking lot?

It may be the responsibility of the owner of the business or establishment to provide reasonable care on his or her property or premise, and that might include the parking lot. Inadequate lighting, an uncovered manhole, uneven pavement and others might lead to an accident which might actually be prevented if the owner had remedied the.

If I had the slip and fall accident while at work, is my employer legally responsible for it?

If you happen to have a slip and fall accident while you are in the workplace you might not have a claim and instead might need to take advantage of workman compensation. If it’s obvious that there is gross negligence on the part of your employer, your lawyer might see to it that the one who is responsible for your slip and fall accident is held accountable.

There are certain accidents in the workplace in which the employers might not be the ones responsible for the accident. For instance, did you continue walking quickly even though you have noticed a warning sign placed where there is spilled liquid? Were you texting someone while going down the stairs? If you’re the one responsible for your accident, then your employer might not be held legally responsible for it.

What sort of compensation might I be eligible for after an injury accident?

Compensation for someone who suffered from a slip and fall accident might be similar or the same as compensation a person might receive for any personal injury claim. After all, a slip and fall accident is just a type of a personal injury case. It is possible for you to obtain monetary compensation for your medical bills, future medical expenses, temporary and permanent disability, loss of wages, and loss of earning capacity.

Article: Fremont College website for Paralegal Studies

*The information provided in this article should not be considered legal advice that can only come from a qualified attorney. Paralegals may not provide legal advice except where permitted by law.

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