What to Do When A Pharmacy Gives You the Wrong Drug Prescription

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drug prescription carbone blogWe trust our medical professionals with our lives. That couldn’t be truer when we rely on them to correctly and timely prescribe appropriate medications to treat our medical conditions and help alleviate our illnesses. Because of this deep trust, we assume pharmacists will also correctly fill our prescriptions.

Medication errors can be deadly, but they can happen rather easily. A medication error occurs when the wrong medication is prescribed or when the medication prescribed is not given in a timely manner. The errors don’t end there. Medication can be prescribed by a doctor with 100 percent accuracy but be filled incorrectly. These drug prescription errors may constitute medical malpractice. Examples of these deadly medication errors can include:

  • A patient may be given the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of a medication by a paramedic, a nurse or hospital staff member.
  • A pharmacy may have misfiled a prescription.
  • A patient may have been given medication to which he or she is allergic because the medical staff failed to take a complete history or failed to read the patient’s medical chart.
  • A patient may not have been told how to take a medication properly or may not have been warned of potential drug interactions.

Before we dive into the consequences of medication errors in New Jersey, it is important to know the risks associated with taking the medication you’re prescribed. This information is usually given to you when your medications are first dispensed, but it usually is hard to understand if you aren’t a medical professional.

Providing patients with this information does not remove the responsibility of medical professionals to advise patients of similar information and explain the risks and possible side effects of prescribed medications. Not to mention negate a healthcare provider’s, pharmacist’s, or pharmacy’s responsibility to ensure that medications taken by a patient are not in conflict with another prescribed medication.

What Are Your Rights?

If a medical professional was negligent in prescribing or filling a drug prescription and you suffered an injury or adverse health effect, New Jersey personal injury laws will allow you to pursue compensation associated with those injuries. You will need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side if that is the case.

To bring forth a successful claim, you must have or have had some type of financial loss or lasting medical problem. If you suffered a negative reaction to a prescribed medication and the treatment was successful, it is unlikely you will move forward with your claim.

Contact Attorney Carbone

When all else fails, contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone. We will seek justice on your behalf for any wrongdoing that occurred because of a medical professional or pharmacist. If you suffered injuries associated with a medication error, Attorney Anthony Carbone will get you the compensation you deserve. Our offices are one call, click, or text away.

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