Premises Liability Continued: PATH Station Slip and Fall Accidents

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If you’re a local commuter, you may appreciate the convenience of the PATH station.  However, your feelings can quickly turn to disdain if you’re injured there.  In our continuing series on Premises Liability, we’ll provide you with need to know information about slip and fall accidents at the PATH station.

We’ve previously provided you with some insight on making a claim regarding a PATH station accident.  We will reiterate the importance of seeking the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.  PATH stations fall under the direction of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.  There is a requirement to file certain legal documentation within ninety days of the accident.

Claims aren’t necessarily limited to the Port Authority, however.  Take the case of Juanita Rivera.  She was at the Journal Square Station when she was injured in an elevator accident.  Something was wrong with the elevator door.  It slammed on Juanita’s hand and broke it.  Although Juanita was grateful that her hand was not amputated, she still had to go through a number of surgeries.  Her claim extended to the elevator maintenance company.

More Information about Premises Liability Claims at the PATH Station

As a Jersey City law firm, the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone is conveniently located by many of the PATH stations.  We therefore have a great deal of experience handling slip and fall claims that occur there.  Although claims may exist against the Port Authority, we also know that other parties may share some culpability. These include:

  • Elevator Maintenance Company
  • Escalator Maintenance Company
  • Elevator Manufacturer
  • Escalator Manufacturer
  • Maintenance Company responsible for Platform

Like all slip and fall accidents, it will be necessary to investigate the claim to determine how the accident occurred.  It will be important to determine what caused the dangerous condition and how long it existed.  The investigation should also seek information concerning the party’s knowledge of the hazards that caused the accident.  This could include whether they knew of the issues or should have known of them.

Obviously, it’s not up to the injured person to conduct a complete investigation.  However, it is helpful to make sure to submit a report and take photographs.  If there are witnesses in the vicinity of the accident, it is important to secure their names.

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