Are Jersey City, NJ Property Fires Considered Premises Liability?

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Premises Liability Fire CarboneProperty fires have ruined the lives of hundreds to thousands of families across the United States. From severe burn injuries to death, property damage involving fires can be catastrophic. Fires that occur in one’s household are among the most common. In 2016, there were 352,000 home fires. As a result, 2,735 people perished. But what happens if you are on someone else’s property and there is a fire? More important, what if you get hurt or worse?

Premises Liability and Fires

The answers to the above-mentioned questions lead us to premises liability. Property owners in New Jersey have a duty to make sure individuals who are invited onto their property or who are likely to come onto their property are not put at risk because of another’s negligence. However, just because you were injured in a fire on someone else’s property doesn’t mean the owner necessarily committed negligence.

In any case, we have provided need-to-know information to prevent property owners from being on the wrong end of a premises liability suit aimed at their potential negligence. Property owners can help prevent fires in their homes or on their premises by doing the following:

  • Having functioning smoke detectors
  • Having your heating system regularly services
  • Removing lint from your dryer filter
  • Storing cooking oil and flammable liquids away from your stove
  • Having a smoke extinguisher in an easily accessible place
  • You can find more information about safety tips here

These might sound like minor things but taking these steps can save one’s life, along with their family’s lives. However, some fires may occur despite the property owner’s best efforts to prevent them. But, a fire may occur as the direct result of the property owner’s negligence to take the proper precautions like the ones listed above.

Aside from the negligence of not taking the proper safety measures, property owners also have a duty to rid their premises of hazards otherwise known as defects. These defects might be improperly working electrical outlets, gas leaks, or faulty wiring. If a fire results from one of these defects and someone is injured, a premises liability personal injury action could be brought forward.

What You Can Do

If you suffered a fire-related injury because of someone else’s negligence, you will have to prove the following:

  • The property owner knew the home was unsafe
  • The property owner failed to take the proper steps to make the premises safe
  • Your injuries resulted from the fire

If you can prove the above, experienced premises liability attorney Anthony Carbone will fight for the injury compensation you deserve. He is only one call or click away. The consultation is free.

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