How to prove an arena is responsible for your injury

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Arenas and stadiums provide entertainment for both sporting events and concerts.  They also provide a venue where multiple people consume liquor.  This inevitably leads to injury or death of a patron.  In an effort to hold the host liable, most states have adopted dram shop laws.  These laws outline under what circumstances the stadium or arena can be held liable for someone’s injuries.

While each case has its own unique characteristics, there are steps that a victim can take to help prove negligence:

  • If you were injured as a result of another guest’s apparent intoxication, demand that a blood alcohol test be administered.  In most cases the venue defends these cases claiming a lack of knowledge that the party was intoxicated.  However, if the level of intoxication is so high, the presumption is the venue either knew or should have known of the persons physical state.
  • Collect the names and address from any and all on site vendors and witnesses.  If this task is difficult in light of the present situation then use your cell phone to photo all vendors and witnesses in the area.
  • As soon as possible obtain a copy of the police report or security report.  At the same time, ascertain if video surveillance was employed at the time of the event.  When getting the police/security report find out if the vendors are employees of the stadium or a third party.  Most importantly document all your injuries.

Nobody envisions getting injured when we go to an entertainment event, but it happens.  If you were the victim of an injury at a stadium or arena it is important that you trust your case to someone with the experience and knowledge to fight these huge defendants.  The Law Office of Anthony Carbone, P.C., has the knowledge and experience you need.  Call us we can help.

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