Push Button Start Ignitions Causing Alarms

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push button ignition dangers anthony carboneThere’s word out there that push button start ignitions are causing alarms and not necessarily the audible ones. Admittedly, there is something cool and convenient about the absence of inserting a physical key into the steering column.  However if the inherent dangers outweigh the risks, some may wonder about the value of the fancy buttons.

What Cars have a Push Button Start?

Whether your car is considered a budget variety or a luxury classic, it may be equipped with a push button start.  Among others, Lincolns and Mercedes feature push button starts in some on their vehicles.  Similarly, both Hyundai and Honda equips some of their midlevel cars with push button starts.  To some, they are an intriguing novelty.  To others, they are a convenience in a world that enjoys instant gratification.

Carbon Monoxide – An Unexpected Consequence

In a recent Consumer Reports article, the issue of carbon monoxide poisoning and push button start ignitions is brought to attention.  A driver may forget they engaged a vehicle while in a garage and cause the engine to continue to idle.  Imagine if this was to happen in an attachment beneath the family residence.  The consequences could be deadly.  In fact, there have been reported deaths that occurred because of just these circumstances.

Switching Gears at Highway Speeds

We do not hear of many vehicle operator inadvertently yanking their keys out of the ignition while driving on the highway.  Is it possible that a driver could accidentally bump into one of the push buttons and switch gears while the car is in motion?  Last year, news reports indicated that Ford actually recalled its then new MKC because driver were shutting off the car while driving at highway speed.  It seems they thought they were going into sports mode.  Fortunately, the problem was caught before any reported injuries.

Too Easy to Leave the Car Running

Traditionally, once you have parked your car, you pocket your keys.  But, what if your keys are already secreted with you possessions?  Is there a possibility that the car will be left in gear when you leave the car?  Unfortunately, there are reports of mishaps due to this type of error.  The vehicle can roll away and cause extreme personal injury or property damage.

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