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Having a personal injury lawyer who has your interest at heart is crucial if you want to get fair judgement and compensation. At The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we provide you with the best Jersey City personal injury attorney, who will relentlessly fight for you to the bitter or sweet end. Our success story speaks for itself; we have represented different clients with different types of cases, and the outcomes and customer testimonials speak volumes.

The law firm has tireless and hardworking attorneys who fight for you and ensure that your rights and privileges are protected. Our lawyers will not take a break until they ensure that you receive the right settlement that adequately compensates you. We boast of having a strong working relationship with our clients; this we achieve through personalizing all our cases. All our clients are always kept on the loop from the beginning of the case to the very end; by doing so, we ensure that there is attorney-client trust and privilege.

In the legal field, the one thing that will save you is complete honesty, and this is why we are completely honest with our clients. From the moment you walk into our offices, you deal with a qualified lawyer who will listen to your case and will honestly advise you. If you have a case, we proceed; if not, you are also notified. The consultation is free, and we only ask to be paid after the case.

 To better understand the level of competence of your lawyer and to be better prepared when seeking the services of a personal injury attorney, we will look at some of the questions to ask a personal injury lawyer.

Their Area of Specialty

Different lawyers specialize and practice in different legal fields. And where one specializes in they better deliver, if you want to get the best outcome, then you should seek the services of a lawyer who specializes in the area your case is based. If it’s a personal injury, seek one who works there.

Will the Attorney handle the case personally?

A majority of the people seek the services of a lawyer they see on TV. And they assume that these lawyers will represent them, but that isn’t always the case. Lawfirms have junior attorneys who are most probably going to be used in representing you. So have this case cleared out before you proceed.

Their Past Client References

Some jurisdictions allow one to ask for such information. And if you are in such jurisdiction, the information provided will act as an indicator of the satisfaction of the clients and hence a be a mark of the attorney’s performance.

 Expected time to handle the case

Rarely will you find a lawyer who can tell you the exact time the case will take, but they can estimate basing their argument on past cases. This question will also help you out in determining how long your life will be disrupted by the court case.

How many similar cases has he handled?

The question of how many and the outcomes of the cases will help you analyze your odds. Some may argue that future results are rarely impacted by the past, but at least it will give you a guarantee of the expected outcome.

These questions will help you understand how qualified your lawyer is and will also improve your odds of getting the best possible representation.



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