Are you ready for divorce in Jersey City, NJ?

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You and your spouse have been fighting nonstop for the past month and you can’t take it anymore. You move out of the house to cool off and collect your thoughts. A week later, you are served with divorce papers. Is this the end of the road for your marriage? Are sure this is the path you want to take? How can you tell?

We know, it’s a tough time. And you and your spouse are probably not thinking straight. Just remember that your spouse is going through some major emotions as well. But before giving up and signing the papers, maybe you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do you feel toward your spouse? The love may have faded, but is it still there?
  • How was your marriage? Was it an equal partnership or was it contentious right from the start?
  • Is this decision to divorce an emotional one or did it come after much thought?
  • Are you prepared to deal with the consequences of divorce? For example, not seeing your children often or losing your house?

If you think you have the right answer to these questions and they all point to divorce, then give Newark divorce attorney Anthony Carbone a call. For the past 26 years, our favorite attorney has been helping couples just like you get through this trying time. For more information on divorce, download our free ebook “Dads in Divorce: A Father’s Guide to the Rights and Realities of Divorce.”


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