Recent Accident Reminds Us How Dangerous Escalators Can Be

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NJ escalator accidents attorney anthony carboneLast week, a Chinese mother saved her young son before falling to her death inside an escalator. The video of the mother pushing her son out of the way only seconds before her death went viral on social media. According to officials, mall employees had seen a panel had come loose only minutes before the escalator accident; however, the employees failed to stop the escalator for inspection. According to the report by CNN, there were two other incidents involving escalators in recent years.

Escalator accidents are more common than you would think. There are about 10,000 escalator-related injuries each year, a number that has steadily been on the incline since the 1990s. And many of these injuries were severe such as head injuries, hip fractures, and upper extremity fractures.

Many can say that escalator accidents are cause by human error — people who aren’t riding the escalator properly. But in truth, as shown in the recent accident, many escalators in stores are in desperate need of repair and maintenance. According to premises liability, it is the responsibility of the mall or department store to make sure the area is safe for everyone. This includes regular maintenance of escalators. If the mall employees had closed down the escalator for repair, then that mother would be alive today.

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