Your Restraining Order Will Follow You Everywhere

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have restraining order will travel anthony carboneThere has been some concern in recent years about the effectiveness of restraining orders for domestic violence victims. Many believe that if your abuser really wants to hurt you, he/she will break the law to do so. But as we’ve said in the past, a restraining order is probably the best protection you can get against your abuser.

But what happens if you leave the state? For instance, let’s say you had filled out a restraining order on your abusive spouse a couple of months ago. In an effort to get away from the pain, you’re planning to take a trip to see some family in California. You head to the airport and when you check in, you get pulled aside by security. But why? What did you do?

It turns out, if you have a restraining order out on someone, airport security will pull you aside and make sure your abuser is nowhere in the airport. In fact, some airports may hold you in a room while a search is conducted.

According to the Violence Against Women Act, it’s a federal law for all jurisdictions nationwide to give full faith and credit to valid orders of protection issued by other jurisdictions. This means if you are domestic violence victim who was granted a court order of protection, you can call on law enforcement to protect you and take action against your abuser nationwide. In addition, it’s a federal crime to either stalk, violated an order of protection, or travel to commit domestic violence.

If you are a domestic violence victim who is in need of a restraining order, we can help. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone now for a free consultation.

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