Road Rage Can Lead to Auto Accidents

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road rage carboneWhile you’re driving down Interstate 78 in New Jersey, a driver tries to cut you off. You blare down on your horn so the driver doesn’t hit you. Luckily, it worked and he gets behind you. But now, the other driver is infuriated.

This driver begins tailgating you, driving around other vehicles on the road in order to be right on your bumper. This goes on for miles. The driver is honking at you, and you’re honking at the driver. Before you know it, the angry driver comes up alongside your vehicle, swerves into you and causes you to drive off the highway and into a tree.

The driver who swerved into your vehicle pulls over, not to see if you’re okay but to argue even more, even though you are suffering from the injuries from the accident. It goes back and forth until the police arrive to soothe the situation over.

The Danger of Road Rage

The story above is an example of road rage and how dangerous it could be for drivers across New Jersey and throughout the U.S. According to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 56 percent of car accidents are caused by road rage and aggressive driving. Because these accidents involve speeding, crashing into other drivers and other aggressive driving behavior can lead to serious injuries and death.

Road rage is defined as a combination of moving violations that jeopardize the safety of other persons or their property, which is usually drivers and their vehicles. Common forms of road rage include speeding, tailgating, illegal passing, erratic driving, and ignoring common traffic rules.

These incidents are dangerous because they occur when vehicles are traveling at an extremely fast speed and the driver may not have total control over their vehicle. Also, drivers who engage in road rage may be following too closely or driving in the wrong lane. This would limit their reaction time to any possible hazards ahead.

Causes of Road Rage

Factors that cause road rage are usually unrelated to traffic conditions. It can be something that is going on with the driver’s personal life, such as work-related or relationship-related problems. When road rage is actually related to driving conditions, the driver is usually irritated or frustrated when they are unable to change lanes or when traffic is slow or halted.

Something as simple as forgetting to use your blinker may trigger another driver to become angry. Obeying the simplest of traffic laws can be the easiest way to prevent road rage in the first place. If you suspect that aggressive driving is taking place near you, consider the following:

  • Back off and give the driver space
  • Do not engage with the driver
  • Do not confront the driver

Contact Attorney Carbone If You Are A Victim of Road Rage

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