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When it comes to lawyers, nobody wants a calm, gentle lawyer. Everyone wants an experienced attorney who makes it easy to cross a lawful setting by changing the case’s outcome. If you are looking for a persistent and skilled lawyer who makes sure you compensate for your injuries, Anthony Carbone is that lawyer. This Jersey City personal injury attorney works with an aggressive and insistent legal style to ensure his clients get reimbursement for any damages. Anthony Carbone has different law offices with a good track record, convincing work ethic, and widespread knowledge of the law.

What services does Anthony Carbone offer?

Self-insuring worker’s compensation laws in New Jersey can be confusing, but everything is more comfortable with an experienced personal injury attorney. For over 30years, Anthony Carbone has helped accident victims pursue the compensation they deserve. He listens to every client’s story, understands the victim’s problems, and fights for the injured party in and out of court. Anthony Carbone represents clients who have been faced with incidents such as;

Auto accidents

This type of accident can unluckily happen with any form of transportation. In New Jersey, when an accident occurs, both the drivers involved are responsible for paying for their medical care. There are stringent and exceptionally complicated rules concerning auto accidents. Insurance companies may question the clients’ petition and deny them a payment, but the good thing is the victims can sue.

Premises Liability

Suppose an employee gets into an accident on a corporation’s property. In that case, the business owner is held responsible if the injury is caused by a careless act such as cleaning up snow frost from the pavement. The most common cause of property liability is a slip and fall accident. Even though a slip and fall accident can be an upsetting situation, it can become a problematic legal matter.

Product Liability

Occasionally a company’s product can cause injuries, making the company behind the merchandise’s design and manufacture is answerable. Anthony Carbone evaluates the case and fights for the victim if the injuries are rising from recklessness when making a product.

The amount and nature of compensation the victim is eligible to depend on the quality of the case. Common examples of reimbursements are;

  •       If the court establishes that the negligent partaker’s deeds were vicious, the victim is awarded punitive damages.
  •       Pain and suffering
  •       Economic injuries such as lost earnings due to missing work
  •       Medical expenses involving medication costs, therapy, at-home care, emergency treatment, and hospital stays.
  •       Property destruction

In some cases, if the victim dies because of another person’s wrongdoing, Attorney Carbone will carry out a wrongful death action against the responsible party. Though money won’t bring the loved one back, it can lessen the financial load. Another case Anthony Carbone deals with involves family law since he is one of the few lawyers in New Jersey that know the ins and outs of family court.

He also deals with criminal defense cases by finding flaws in the prosecutor’s case and proposing defense tactics that will lead to an advantageous outcome. Criminal cases such as disorderly person offenses are given different sentences depending on the gravity of the crime. This may include fines, jail time, community service, probation, paying court costs, or even suspending your driver’s license. Other scandalous cases include indictable crimes such as murder, burglary, stalking or robbery, drunken driving charges, and juvenile criminal cases.

If you are looking for a hardworking, tireless fighter who will not rest until you get what you deserve, contact Anthony Carbone. Schedule a consultation about your case immediately you face charges or crimes because appearing in court without such an attorney leads to an upsetting outcome.

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