Slick Roads During the Holiday Season

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Slicks Roads During the Holiday SeasonIt’s Christmas Eve. Where did the year go? With that being said, the holiday season means winter has its cold grips on New Jersey. Weather conditions can turn in the blink of an eye. Snow and ice can turn roads and highways into a menacing ice rink for your vehicle.

According to reports, roadways covered in snow and ice account for nearly 117,000 injuries and 1,300 fatalities on a yearly basis. Anyone who calls the Northeastern U.S. home knows how dangerous traveling during the winter can be, especially roads that are coated in black ice.

The problem with black ice is that it’s very hard to see as it blends in with the dark pavement. You may not realize you’re driving on it until your vehicle begins to slide. Even if you think the road may just look wet, there is a high chance that black ice is present somewhere on the road.

If the weather conditions are less than ideal during the holiday season and you believe black ice may be present as you travel, the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has compiled a few tips for you to keep in mind:

  • If you do start to skid, remain calm and don’t panic. Panicking can be the worst thing to do. Instead, try to keep the wheel straight and breathe.
  • Don’t think about slamming on the brakes. This will cause you to skid. Instead, lift your foot off the accelerator, allowing your car to slow down on its own.
  • If your vehicle has the ability, shift to a lower gear to gain more control over the car.
  • Try to find an area where there’s more traction, even if it’s a snow-covered area.
  • Slowly pump your brakes while steering the car in the direction of the skid.
  • If you go off the road, try to hit something that will cause a minimum amount of damage.

Despite these warning tips for hazardous travel during the holidays and winter months, not all winter car accidents are caused by the weather. Many crashes could have been avoided if other drivers used caution when traveling. When drivers choose to ignore their surroundings, they put themselves and other drivers in harm’s ways.

The chance you or someone you love gets injured skyrockets, and that’s not something that needs to happen during the holiday season or anytime for that matter.

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