Slip and Fall Accidents: First in a Series

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Slip and Fall Accidents: First in a SeriesThe great Vince Lombardi offered many inspirational quotes, including one that may have nothing to do with slip and fall accidents. He suggested, “The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.” However, placed in context, the phrase sums up the reasons you could need an experienced slip and fall, accident attorney.

If you suffer injuries in a slip and fall accident, getting back on your feet becomes just part of your challenge. Both your emotional and physical recovery proves critical. That said, there’s also the issue of recouping damages so you can rise again.

Without question, the differences between pursuing claims for a car crash vastly differ from seeking damages as a slip and fall accident victim. However, that’s not to say that injuries can’t be equally as devastating. Some fall even result in fatalities.

Different Types of Fall Down Accidents

Like other states, NJ slip and fall accidents come under the umbrella of premises liability lawsuits. When you trip and fall, you may also make a claim. Did you know the two are really two different types of fall down accidents?

According to the National Safety Council, only three injury causes rank as the top ten causes for both deaths and non-fatal injuries. Believe it or not, close to nine million people treated in emergency rooms every year due to some type of fall.

Although misery might love company in some circumstances, the numbers undoubtedly mean nothing to you. What matters most concerns how you rise after your fall. Rather than a fundamental overview you can find almost anywhere, you surely want more detailed answers. Of course, that means starting with the basics.

What Makes Slip and Fall and Trip and Fall Accidents Different?

Truth be told, you may hear the terms “slip and fall” and “trip and fall” used interchangeably. In fact, some take a more broad-based approach and lump the three actions together as slip, trip, and fall accidents. (And, yes, always in that order.)

However, many argue that there are distinctions between slipping and falling and tripping and falling. Generally speaking, a wet or shiny surface causes many slip and fall accidents. In many cases, it’s impossible to maintain your balance when the walking area proves slippery.

Here’s an additional thought that will most likely surprise you. When you slip and fall, you most often go down backward. (You should know that investigators looking into your claim will actually question you regarding the direction of your fall.)

Trip and Fall Accidents

Trip and fall accidents happen a bit differently. It could be that an upturned carpet caused your fall. In the meantime, your toe could get caught in a tear in the same rug. Likewise, it’s possible to trip and fall on uneven pavement.

Unlike a slip and fall accident victim, you will likely fall forward if you trip and fall. As you may know firsthand, both types of falls can result in a great deal of harm.

Traumatic brain injuriesInjuries Differ, Too

As our series continues, you’ll learn more about the types of injuries that happen as a result of slip, trip, and fall accidents. As you might guess, the point of impact matters greatly.

A person who slips backward stands more chance of injury to:

  • the back of the head
  • the spine
  • other extremities

An individual who trips forward may suffer hand and arm fractures attempting to break the fall. Of course, head injuries are then in the front.

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